In a course of the past few week the province of Aleppo has been heavily bombed by the Syrian army. Five years after the war started the situation around this southern state doesn't seem to find it's resolution in a form of a peace agreement. The Russian and American armies mutually agreed to extend cessation of hostiles in Aleppo for 2 days, according to local news station. 

But according to Reuters, next day after signing the agreement, all sides, involved in a conflict, continued fighting. On Thursday an air raid hit a camp which is located miles from Turkish border leaving 28 dead.

The city and it's remaining residents are devastated. Most buildings now look like ancient ruins, the city infrastructure has been totally destroyed, yet people still hope for the peaceful outcome. Those who lost faith are packing belongings and leaving everything behind.

All over the social media people have been changing profile picture to the red box to show solidarity with people of Aleppo. Few social media activists began using #aleppoisburning to bring more public attention. Show your support to the people of Aleppo!