Ankara bombing, 34 killed

Ankara bombing, 34 killed


An explosion occurred earlier today in a capital city of Ankara, Turkey. A bomb that was installed inside of the vehicle, parked along the side of the road, detonated on Sunday evening claiming lives of 34 people and injuring many others. One or two victims died in a the blast were attackers themselves, identity of which is soon to be revealed. A local news agency reported that officials quickly responded to bombing and have sent police cars and fire trucks right away. The Interior minister stated later that day saying that "whoever is responsible for those attacks will never succeed in terrifying citizens of Turkey. Our country will recover, and our mission to fight against terror wont be affected by incidents like this".

Turkish president Erdogan put a blame on increasingly complicated situation in a region. "In cases when terrorist organizations and those who support or utilize them, trying to reach own goals, begin losing the fight, they traditionally resort to most inhumane methods by targeting incontinent citizens.

According to investigators they are still not clear on who might be responsible for organizing the bombing. A local official said that they will do everything they can to find those who carried out the attack, but as of right now the priority are those who survived an attack but still remain in a critical condition.  

The bomb exploded in a Kizilay district where the big transportation hub is located, including a busy bus stop and a subway station. 

A numerous of threats regrading possible bombing was received just a few weeks earlier by United States Embassy in Turkish capital. The embassy is located in Bahcelievler district which is just 2 miles away from the explosion site.