Belgium capital is under terrorist attack

Belgium capital is under terrorist attack


The Islamic State claimed responsibility for violent blood attacks that occurred in the capital city's airport of Brussels and metro station in Downtown. That awful frightening attacks lead to killing a lot of people, injuring  not less than 150 and uplifting fear alarms all over the world.

Belgian security official reported about 34 identified killed people as of Tuesday 22.00 pm.

Authorities mentioned that the most likely it was suicide bombers attacks, but set out on manhunt for not less than one suspected surviving terrorist.

The official who is not approved to report openly remarked that in light of the well-organized way of the assaults it was likely that the attacks had been arranging for some time however were provoked to take faster after a week ago's capture of the Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam. The authority said, it gave the idea that they may have been quickened out of worry that the plots may be traded off if Abdeslam was collaborating with Belgian specialists.