EgyptAir Flight 804 had crashed into Mediterranean killing 66 on board

EgyptAir Flight 804 had crashed into Mediterranean killing 66 on board


An EgyptAir Airbus A320 has gone missing 3 hours after it took off from Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport. There were 66 passengers and crew members on board. The plane was lost on the radar and evidently crashed into Mediterranean Sea half an hour before it was suppose to land in Cairo, Egypt. Two countries, Egypt and Greece immediately initiated a rescue operation and already managed to locate, what might look like, debris from the wreckage 200 miles outside of islands of Crete and Karpathos.

The president of France stated earlier today that plane has crashed and said that terrorist involvement might be the reason why the plane went down.

The flight 804 left Paris at 11.05 pm, Wednesday night heading to Egyptian capital. Around 2.30 am the pilot made, what later became, his last contract with the air traffic controller and, according to investigators, there was nothing out of the ordinary reported. A few minutes later after entering an Egyptian airspace plane has disappeared from the radar. 

Officials from the United States granted an access to terrorist watch list to Egyptian authorities but there is still no evidence suggesting a direct involvement of terrorists. Also none of the terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility for what happened with the plane. Since the crash of Russian MetroJet flight over the Sinai Peninsula in October 2015, an Egyptian Authorities have been under intense supervision paying way more attention to possible terrorist threat. Probably for that reason Egyptian president decided not to rush with conclusion regarding terrorist involvement. 

President Hollande said that he's hoping for the rescue operation to recover enough evidence to determine what actually happened to the plane. After the bombing accident in Paris in November 2015, all airports in France were equipped with extra security.

There were 66 people on board including 30 Egyptians, 15 French, 2 Iraqi and one each citizen from Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Portugal, Chad, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium and Algeria, from which there were 56 passengers, 7 crew members and 3 security personal workers. Out of 56 passengers flying that night there were 3 children. 

Greek officials had sent 2 aircraft and one ship as well as 2 helicopters to help rescue operation conducted in the Aegean Sea. Egypt had also initiated search operation close to their borders and had deployed one plane and one frigate. 

At the International Airport in Cairo relatives of passengers were escorted into a separate area. Airport security did not let reporters and photographers to enter the area saying that they are complying with the order by Interior Ministry. 
The pilot, who was flying the plane was one of the most experienced among his colleagues who had more than 6 thousand flying hours, according to EgyptAir spokesperson.

As previously said the Russian Jet that took off from Sharm el Sheikh in October 31, 2015 had collapsed 23 minutes after departure killing 229 passengers and crew members on board. Right after the accident the ISIS took responsibility for shooting down the plane. At first, Egyptian officials were denying any terrorist involvement as a cause for the plane to crash, but eventually agreed with Russian investigators, working at the crash site, who discovered elements of explosive devices that the plane exploded in a midair after the bomb was detonated.