Japan's worst Earthquake since 2011

Japan's worst Earthquake since 2011


The magnitude 7 Earthquake hit Kyushu province killing at least 32 people on Saturday. Prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said that "now we are racing against the clock" as the search operation began shortly after disaster. The bad weather and aftershocks along with the possibilities of landslides creating a dangerous environment for rescue crew themselves to conduct mission in a timely manner. 

Next day morning during the press conference, Prime Minister said that United States had offered help by using military base, stationing in Japan, but since there was no longer an urgent need, Japanese officials kindly refused. According to local officials Japan had sent more that 25,000 troops to help rescue operation. 

The Chief Cabinet Secretary claimed that at least 23 people got killed by collapsed buildings while being inside. 

Two days earlier there was another Earthquake that killed 9 people in a city of Ueki bringing death toll to 41 people and almost 1000 wounded, based on the report from disaster management bureau.

Locals were saying that the first quake was the biggest thing that happen to them since 2011 and were not prepared to experience another one anytime soon. "When the second earthquake", said Mr. Hishida "I thought it was over for me". He managed to evacuate his family to a shelter.

The quake struck approximately at 1.30 am local time. Right after the second earthquake, the government had started evacuation mission. Most of local stores ran out of supplies withing a first few hours as residents were lining up to buy food and water to bring with them to shelters. As supplies were running short, children and elderly were giving priority to be served first.

A few days later you can still feel aftershocks and that creates a great deal of anxiety among locals and rescuers. On top of that it endangers those who still fight to save people that are still alive but got trapped under the rubble and debris.

Both earthquakes severely damaged the infrastructure of provinces that were affected by it. A tuned over cars, collapsed commercial and residential buildings, rubble, debris and people searching for survivors all that creates a dreadful image of how cities look right now. There were about 100,000 people have been evacuated and more than 100 shelters were opened, according to Mr. Yoshizumi.

An ancient castle of Kumamoto built in 17th century had been damaged by the earthquake. 

The Red Cross had organized treatment for nearly 1000 people on Friday, but according to representatives, they expect more injured following by the Saturday's quake.