"Mertojet Flight 9268 was gunned down" concluded investigators


Russia's security officer reported that crash of Russian A321 in Egypt on the 31st of October with 224 people on board was a terrorist attack. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin was informed about traces of explosives that couldn't belong to airplane.
Mr Putin promised to "find and punish" leaders who are responsible for terrorist act close to the Sinai peninsula. Islamic State claimed that it  was their responsibility to down the plane.
Almost all the victims were Russians.
Mr Putin confirmed that Russia's security forces must find those responsible anyway who they are. He said that Russia would find them everywhere, in any corner of the Earth and punish them.
In addition, Mr Putin offered a $50m for any information about terrorists blamed of air crash.
Sinai Province, member of Islamic State, claimed the reason of air plane destruction was Russian air strikes in Syria.
Almost all of the dead people were families from Russia, they were flying home from their vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh.