Night of horror in Paris. At least 120 dead

 Night of horror in Paris. At least 120 dead


A Paris government official said earlier today that 4 shooters deliberately executed at least 87 young men and women who at the time of an accident were attending a rock concert at the Paris Bataclan music hall. Shortly after first victims reported an attack to local police enforcement anti-terrorist SWAT unit launched an assault. On top firing machine guns attackers also detonated few belt bombs causing more damages and fatalities. Survived victims were rescued few hours later suffering from physical and emotional wounds.

Another 40 people were killed in 5 other terrorist attacks that occurred in different parts of french capital, the city officials said, including bombing right outside of the Stade de France stadium where the president of France along with other high ranked official were attending a friendly soccer match between national teams of France and Germany. Few minutes after the explosion french president was escorted out of the stadium and the game was stopped. For the security reasons fans were not allowed to leave the stadium for couple hours and many rushed to the soccer field.

Paris state prosecutor François Molins confirmed the death of at least 120 people by the end of Friday and his representative added that all 8 attackers were neutralized, most of which, detonated explosive belts. Police keep on searching for assistants who may in any case still be at large. 

The series of attacks became the biggest terror act French capital has ever seen. Millions of people around the world gathered to show solidarity with people of France. The residents of Moscow, New York, London, Sydney and other major cities started bringing flowers to French embassies. Country leaders also have sent telegrams to François Hollande with condolences to families of victims and to all people of France. The Facebook president and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was among the first ones to show solidarity on his social network by putting French Flag overlay over his profile image. This option became available to every Facebook users as many changed their profile picture the following day. 

"French September 11" as some journalist would describe events that happened in Paris on Friday night and who is to blame for what's happened. There is a lot of questions still waiting to be answered and some will remain in mystery forever, but it's clear that even cities traditionally considered to be safe and low-risk terrorist attack now becoming targets for Al-Qaeda and ISIS.