Suicide bombers in Beirut strike again. 23 killed

Suicide bombers in Beirut strike again. 23 killed


According to authorities of Lebanese capital, 43 people died after suicide bomber activated his blast belt on the streets of Beirut. National News Agency also reported that more than 200 people were injured and nearby buildings and infrastructure was seriously damaged. One of the attackers, who managed to survive after the explosion, was taking into custody shortly after he received a medical treatment. He was originally from Tripoli, Libya and was recruited by ISIS several years ago. He also informed investigators that 3 other attackers who did not survive arrived to Beirut with him 2 days ago.
Two blasts occurred about 500 feet away from one another and were 5 minutes apart, at the district of Bourj Al-Barajnech near local market, popular among residents of Southern Beirut. Journalists who arrived to the scene shortly after explosion described what they saw as "scene of chaos and carnage".

It is still not clear what was the major target for the terrorists, but it is been confirmed that at least 3 people, who got killed were members of Hezbollah local group, that has a strong presence in the area where explosion occurred. According to Lebanese official the connection between attackers and some victims that represented Hezbolah was nothing but a coincidence. As it was previously said, an explosion made huge damage to nearby buildings, making it hard for the rescue team to save those who survived the blast but were in critical condition. 

The dead toll could've been higher if it wasn't for the security officers, who stopped one of the attackers when he was trying to enter the Shiite mosque, located in the same area. Judge Sark had made a request to close down one of the entrances to the market and initiated a statewide investigation. Residents were asked to refrain from using roads that lead from local hospitals to the scene of explosion.

Unfortunately, bombings in Lebanon in recent years became a quite often occasion, and it usually doesn't get as much attention from media as similar incidents in other parts of the world. Despite ongoing religious conflicts that involve citizens of Lebanon this Middle Eastern country now is overwhelmed with refuges from neighboring Syria. In a past years there were more than 1 million Syrians who ran from the war ended up in Lebanon, some of which, are still active members of ISIS. 

In November 2013 during another bombing in Beirut that killed 23 and injured more than 150 people, Al-Qaeda related Abrullah Azzam took responsibility for that, warning Lebanese government that if Hezbollah won't stop sending troops supporting Syrian regular army, they will continue terrorizing citizens of Lebanon until government will cease operation in Syria. 

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